What's your definition at these terms: hot, sexy, handsome etc?

I'm wondering what's your definition at these terms is: hot, sexy, handsome, cute, attractive, charming and gorgeous.
What's your definition at these terms: hot, sexy, handsome etc?Here's my definitions:
Hot = It's basically based at appearance mostly. You have to be good looking in order to be hot in my opinion and usually it have to be natural. (No cosmetic surgery). But I may think a person would appear lesser hot if they moves weirdly, even though they are a 10/10 appearance wise.

Sexy = Same as hot. But often used in more sexual situations.

Handsome = A good looking man. Something similar to hot.

Cute = Usually innocent, youthful or childish in either behavior or appearance wise. But can also describe someone who's kind and does good deeds. "So sweet of you!"

Attractive = It may be physical features, but also other qualities like personality, smell, mannerism, movement etc. You doesn't need to be good looking in order to be attractive. Looks is just one of many traits that makes you attractive.

Charming = I use this term very rarely. Charming is when it's easy to like a person and how they behave, not necessary how they looks like.

Gorgeous = Extremely pretty/beautiful appearance wise.

Two people discussing who's the hottie at the office and what the definitions of the terms are.


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  • Sexy: more extreme version of hot, Id have sex with you right now
    hot: superficial; your appearance is all that matters
    handsome: older term to describe an attractive man; the male version of beautiful
    cute: either shy and sweet or the way I say super attractive without making it seem sexual
    attractive: you've got amazing features and Id probably kiss you (guy) you've got amazing features and Im envious (girl)
    Charming: more personality in combination with looks. he's a looker, but he also is chivalrous and sweet yet smooth at the same time
    Gorgeous: I always use this word to define girls that Im shocked how beautiful they are
    Beautiful: very attractive and also has a great personality. Sometimes their personality is what makes them look for beautiful


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  • Hot: A person's appearance is undoubtedly irresistible or extremely pleasing to many.
    Sexy: A person is not only of very attractive nature, but has a large amount of sex appeal.
    Handsome: Applying to men, the state of having aesthetic features desirable to the opposite sex.
    Cute: Behaviorally youthful. Sometime used as a way to say a person is neither ugly nor hot, other times to say that they have a certain charm about them.
    Attractive: If something is attractive it has a quality about it which you find desirable and are drawn towards.
    Charming: A sort of flattery that is very inviting and makes people more open to interacting with a person.
    Gorgeous: A beauty that is breathtaking and blinding to the senses.


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  • Hot: somebody who looks very good, whether it's a woman or man.

    Sexy: another level of hotness. Somebody, I'd think of in a sexual way. Somebody I'd phantasize about.

    Handsome: more of a neutral definition for an above average looking man.

    Cute: usually only applied to somebody younger or petite. Or pets obviously lol.

    Attractive: well the word is a definition in itself. Somebody who is attractive, whether it's the looks or the way they laugh.

    Charming: somebody who is polite and kind. However I usually use it ironically when somebody insults me.

    Gorgeous: a girl who is just beautiful but also has a great personality. Or simply has a great personality.

  • Charming is not really based on looks to me. More so, personality.

    Attractive 5 or 6/10
    They are dateable with okay looks and good personality bur I wouldn't date them.

    Cute 7/10
    You can be cute yet average. Like nothing really stands out about you, but you're definitely adorable or attractive. Also, I really like your personality.

    Hot 8/10
    You're hot but still in my league. I love your looks a little more than your personality though.

    Sexy 9/10
    You're out of my league. Bangable for sure.
    Your personality probably isn't all that, but you're so sexy.

    Gorgeous 10/10
    I dont even look your way because I could probably never get you. Your chances of being stuckup are higher lol and your looks most likely outweigh your personality

  • Charming is about character. I pretty much agree with them all tho.

  • Hot : someone who makes me think- damn, he's so hot! Usually I say it about people who look sexy.

    Sexy = Sexy/hot

    Handsome: When I want to say a compliment to the man, I say he is handsome, cause It doesn't indicate any desires but shows that he looks good in my eyes.

    Cute - Someone who acts in a lovely way, I might say it about friend, just a random guy or about someone who I like.

    Attractive - It means that she'he has features that can attract me or other people. When I say attractive I don't always mean that he is attractive to me.

    Charming - He might not have the best features or he might not be very handsome but there's something about him that attracts me and that makes me like him. It is more about his personality.

    Gorgeous - I rarely use that word. I say it to describe very beautiful women or countries.

  • hot: mainly physical attraction. can be either your face or your body

    sexy: something beyond 'hot' and has sexual appeal

    Handsome: used to describe a guy mainly based on a combination of his looks, character, wittiness. quite chivalrous

    attractive: very subjective. can be physical, emotional, sexual, lustful etc. however you view it

    Gorgeous: a word i used selectively to describe a woman that carries herself in a certain way and is beautiful
    cute: similar to hot but without the stigmas attached to calling someone hot blatantly. this is safe.

  • I'll use the definitions you gave and change them.

    Hot = It's basically based on appearance. You don't have to be good looking in order to be hot, you just need to have a great body and wear clothes that highlight it.

    Sexy = Same as hot. But often used in more sexual situations.

    Handsome = A good looking man.

    Cute = overall attractive.

    Attractive = It may be physical features, but also other qualities like personality, smell, mannerism, movement etc. You don't need to be conventionally good looking in order to be attractive. Looks is just one of many traits that makes you attractive.

    Charming = I use this term very rarely. Charming is when it's easy to like a person and how they behave.

    Gorgeous = Extremely good looking.

  • Hot --> Tom Brady or Henry Cavill someone you'd only sleep with
    Sexy--> any muscular guy someone you'd bang once
    Handsome --> someone you love.

  • Hot: model type. Full package: body, looks...
    Sexy: confidence is sexy. A man can look 7/10 but his personality is what makes him sexy boosting him 10/10.
    Handsome: he has that 1920's look. Classy and modern combined. Like Henry Cavill is handsome.

  • Hot: a hot body. Face doesn't have to be included. Often sexy and hot go together.
    Sexy: when someone is sexy, you feel a sexual desire towards them.
    Handsome: a good looking man, has to have a nice face and an ok bod. Has to wear nice clothes too. (Someone in just joggers and a tee isn't handsome to me;they're hot)
    Cute: someone is sweet, or bubbly or just looks adorable. This has nothing to do with good looking, because it can be a personality trait or an ugly person too.
    Attractive: someone that is hot, but has a nice face too.
    Charming: someone that is charming know how to play his or her cards right. They're nice and flirty.
    Gorgeous: Typically used for women, someone that is gorgeous is just a stunning woman.

  • They all mean attractive.

  • Hot generally (to me at least) is like the guy with the chiseled cheek bones and abs and what ever.
    Sexy: Kinda the same as hot
    Handsome: good hair, classic put together look.
    Cute: Great smile, cute hair, carefree and slightly boyish.
    I personally find cute guys are way more attractive that hot guys

  • hot, sexy & handsome? =Bangtan, u welc

  • This one guy whose name should not be spoken but he's hot, sexy, and handsome 😍

  • Hot and sexy : someone your turn on by
    Handsome : someone who look cool


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  • I concur with your definitions, well done.

  • I agree with those definitions.

  • Hot: someone that is abnormally attractive and is pleasing to the eyes
    Sexy: someone with a good amount of allure and is aesthetically pleasing and may or may not show skin or form.
    Cute: someone is is sweet and adorable and fairly attractive.
    Handsome: a male who is above average in looks and is pretty attractive and looks well when dressed nicely.
    Attractive: Someone you feel that is worthy of your visual attention and you find pleasing to look at.
    Charming: Someone well versed in reading social behaviors and is versed well with talking eloquently to impress those who partake in the conversation and is a pleasant and lovely person.
    Gorgeous: Usually referred to a very attractive woman who is more beautiful then normal and may or may not take your breath away or make your heart skip a beat and is very pleasing to the eye. I have been called gorgeous by quite a few women, I find it more flattering then handsome because it means a man who is hot, very handsome rugged and good looking.

    • Well that's what they mean to me, I'm sure some of them are different to other peopel

  • Um I think charming is just for personality but I guess out of all these people say I'm cute the most. But yeah you got all these definitions pretty much down to a t. Thanks for the invite (:

  • Hot = is being pleasing to the eye or ear.
    Sexy = it's the same but you do it with style by adding your personality. Essentially hot+effort.
    Handsome = good looking man, simply put.
    Cute - looking open/approachable + acting the same
    Attractive = being visually pleasing in an objective mostly non-sexual way.
    Charming = delightfully entertaining.
    Gorgeous = delightfully visually pleasing in a mostly non-sexual way.

  • hot? between 30 to 50°C... I actually need to live in an hot environment to feel comfy :v
    (in my country don't you dare using the French equivalent to talk about a women, unless you wanna get hit in the face by a women)

    sexy? sexually appealing without overdoing it

    handsome? well built, good looking as a whole

    cute? that's a hard one actually... a mix of goodness, fun, smarts... ok I pass on that one =^'-'^=

    attractive? catches easily and/or firmly your attention, both mentally and physically

    charming? catches your attention mentally, or pleases you physically

    Gorgeous? (I always struggle to spell that one, actually copy-pasted it here) women's equivalent for "handsome" or simply handsome targeted to more roundish curves for both men and women.

    can I have a cookie now?

  • First things first. Thanks for the invite.
    Secondly, here's my weird world:

    Hot - You have taken good care of your physical body and i appreciate it very much.

    Sexy - You make me imagine scenarios and want to do R-rated content.

    Cute - I adore the way you do certain things. (where things refers to verbs and actions)

    Attractive - You have a magnetic persona and i like attending to it.

    Charming - You're a master wordsmith and I'm swayed by your literary.

    Gorgeous - You're unbelievably perfect and out of my league in all the parallel universes that might exist.

  • Hot = fire fire hot... like slutty attractive. Mostly about sex. You just wanna sex them up, lick their bodies top to bottom. No control, you're ready

    Sexy - A toned down version of hot... cute/hot/attractive... embodies more than just hot whereas hot is just im on fire do me now

    Handsome - cute/attractive/sexy/manly/masculine all in one

  • I think you've hit the nail on the head. Nothing I would change

  • hot: someone who has a strong sex appeal in the eyes of others.
    sexy: someone whit a sexually attractive behavior..
    handsome: a femenine reference used by girls to refer to a guy who they find attractive.
    cute: a reference for someone who is been sweet and childish.
    attractive: for me it applyes for a person who is considered charming and physically appealing.
    charming: something that has to do whit an appealing personality.

  • you;d better associate fat with hot or the PC police will be coming for you. While your at it, you'd better expressly articulate that everyone who isn't attracted to women of any race or birth gender is a racist bigot or you will go to PC jail

  • Hot: Me
    Sexy: me
    Handsome: me

  • I agree with all of those especially sexy

  • they are all fuck material
    but handsome is more classy looking. david gandy is the perfect example of every word on your list

  • Me = all of it put together.

  • I don't know. I've been called all of these things except hot and sexy.

  • Hot means warm in temperature

    Sexy means sexually attractive

    Handsome means beautiful and good looking. Used to describe a guy when complimenting the person.

    Cute means something nice

    Attractive means good looking

    Charming means someone used mostly to guys, that he is a flirt

    Gorgeous means pretty

    From *****pie

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