How do I speak to her?

So a girl I liked a lot recently told me to move on from her. I met this girl at work. I took a chance and sat across from her so she'll know I'm there everyday because there's assigned seating. Anyone have good advice on how to start a conversation whenever we have a moment? I'm good at focusing on my work but starting a conversation not so much.

The girl i met at work is different from the girl who told me to move on
So an update. I sit next to her now and I've found the courage to talk to her. I hope to keep this up so I can ask her out soon. Is it wrong that I'm a little bit scared i'll just get hit with the FZ
She chills at home and watches cop shows. or she's with friends 420 friendly


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  • Start by making small talk in regards to your work or something. After a while, you can proceed on talking about other stuff, then you can try asking her out.

    • I had some bad luck they moved my seat im like 3 tables over now. and our breaks are different -_-

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  • Maybe to do it at work might not be the best idea, if it doesn't work You'll have nowhere to go, she probably already knows who you are, so ask her if she wants to join you for a beer sometime after work, and then you start by talking about something funny that you saw at work once, but keep it simple, keep it fun, then you can ask about what she likes, and you can become friends,
    Lastly if you have to do it at work, then go ahead, but choose the moment wisely, that way she doesn't feel your interrupting her work

    • Thanks, any advice if there happens to be a boyfriend in the picture? not saying i know for sure yet

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    • Update got past my jitters and talked to her. I don't know how long i can keep this up, but i hope to ask her out soon. Is it wrong im a little scared of getting hit with the FZ card?

    • A week ago i was told "I love you, but as a friend", it's hard, but at least you'll know for sure, and I think is better than to always wonder: what if

  • Ask her what she does in her free time.

    • Its natural to be scared, so she watches shows like law and order, criminal minds that sort of thing. There is a cop movie coming out soon I think its called chips. Its a comedy, ask her if she plans to see it.