How/when should I tell my boyfriend about my mental illness. I'm scared and don't know what to do?

Alright, so I'm in high school and I just started dating this really amazing guy. We are pretty open with each other, which is the only reason I'm considering telling him. I've struggled with depression, anorexia, anxiety... It's a lot and I don't want to scare him away. It's just that I can't wear short-sleeve shirts because he'll notice the cuts on my arm and I know that eventually my sleeve will slide up or he'll ask why I only wear sweatshirts. I know I need to be honest but I'm just really scared... Please, what should I do?


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  • If it is serious between you (not based on the amount of time but your emotions and commitment) then it's better to be open and honest sooner rather than later.

    • Thank you, I appreciate your help

  • My crush has the same problem with you. Exactly same problem. He and i are friends so maybe it won't help...
    But i wanna tell you... Just tell him honestly you are suffering from them. If he's a good person and care about you, he will be fine no matter what :)
    When he talked to me about his mental illness, i never scared or feel anything negative. I just accepted it and said him I wouldn't care and said he was an amazing person and i wanted to help and support him no matter what.
    Good luck girl!

    • Oh thank you so much! I really hope he's as supportive as you seem to be!

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