Will he like me?

So I had a crush on this guy when i was in grade nine (an year older) named Matt. When I was in grade ten, things started to get messed up. Long story short - i'll keep it short. Him and his friends knew that I liked him because my friends wanted to talk to Matt, so she went downstairs and found him with his friends. She asked him if he knew me and he said no. So she said, "Oh you dont know Michelle (his last time) She said his last time in my name! Apparently they were all laughing and he was blushing too. And I heard from one of his friends sisters that he knows that i take photos of him but he's okay with it. Everything was alright until our school Christmas concert. For some reason his friends started to yell his name to me whenever I was walking by. They would send me pictures of him saying "Matt loves you" "Matt thinks your cute" (stuff like that).
Anyway an year has passed and now its quiet. But i have a few issues. I feel like he is interested in me but I dont know if these are the signs. Sometimes when he passes by me and my friends, my friends tell me that he was looking (glances). When my friends mention my name around him from the corner of their eye they could tell that he turned around (those half head turns) One time when I was walking up to my next period class (he had it in the same room a period before me) I used staircase "a" and he used staircase "b". one time he saw me come up from A and ever since he would come down from staircase A as well even though his friends are going the other way. Sometimes he stays in the class like he's waiting for me? (he leaves after) and my friends say that when Im not there yet, before he would leave, he would turn around. There is so much space in the halls but it always feels like he's walking too close to me. he texted me saying that he's not ready to be in a relationship. even today I was in the library and he was walking by. I looked at him and while he was walking he glanced at me too then looked back?


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  • if this is the short story then thanks for not writing long story

    • i don't understand this AB theory. send me a recorded audio story no time to read so long.

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