I want to finally date my crush but I don't want to lose my other options incase things go bad, what can I do/what's the right thing to do?

I want to date my crush but another girl confessed that she likes me and now I don't know what to do!!! I've never EVER been in a situation like this. This is the first time a girl has shown interest in me not to mention 4 girls at the same time!! I've narrowed it down to two but really I'm afraid I'll lose all my options and never get a gf!!! What do I do? I want my crush so baddddd but if I have to break up with her I'm afraid the other girl will find someone else or be pissed that I chose my crush over her


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  • Welcome to Murphys laws of dating! The reason these girls are finally noticing is literally because you're about to ask out your crush. I'll explain:
    You've been nervous and distracted trying to psyche yourself up to ask her out. You were probably even less attractive to other women during this time due to being all frazzled.
    But now suddenly, you've emerged from that cocoon, charged with confidence, your best swagger, and ready to be Prince Charming, you're like a new man! And these girls are noticing this new guy, and that confidence is super sexy!
    You got this way for your crush, and these other girls are just now noticing you? Stick to the plan and ask out your crush. If you don't, you risk a bad case of "what if's", because the crush is the one you've wanted all along.

    • Okay will do but also did you take into consideration that people (including my mom) think she's bad for me. I want to avoid what ifs but if she treats me like shit I'll feel bad that I'm stuck with her (sorta) and I lost the chance to be with a girl that straight up told me she likes me

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    • Okay decision made! I'll go with the girl that likes me. thank you

    • Good luck!

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  • DATE the one who likes you!!! Are you listening to me Jack? Date the one who likes you!!! Hellloooo? You hearing me? Do NOT make the mistake I did! Just do it. Save yourself!

    • If you don't mind me asking what was your experience? What happened. My crush has Done some bad things to me but I don't think they're that bad

    • The one who I chased after was cool with me, waffled for a few days... then... the house of friendship! And all that time, one who really dug me knew I'd asked the first one out, and now she was PISSED! She'd have treated Bin Laden better at that point. For certain.

    • it didn't work out I'm going with the girl that likes me

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  • You date the one you like, not be a coward or use other girls as backup.

  • Ask your crush out. If she says no then stay with option 2. Why dis be so hard?

    • Because my crush is finally flirting back with me and thinking about being with me but the other girl just told me she likes me and I don't know her all that well. I've asked my crush on dates before and she always said she has a boyfriend now but now she's actually thinking about it. And she acts different around me. I don't wanna lose my crush but I don't wanna piss of the other girl and then if my crush does something I won't have any girls

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    • will do but one last thing. what if they just happen to have a conversation since they sit next to each other in 4th p and they mention me and find out I'm basically trying to hook up with both of them. what happens then?

    • There's no reward if there's no risk. Think of what to say to each of them. Say you didn't think anything would happen with your crush. Or... shocker... be honest? You wouldn't believe the shit that hot guys get away with. Sinatra's wives simply looked away when they knew he was having affairs. Just be charming to both and if it blows up, apologize to option 2 especially because option 1 doesn't seem like would last.

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  • Bro, if you truly love your crush. Stay with her, if you go with the other girl you'll regret forever.