Will you try sitting next to hot guys in college class too?

For girls, will you try sitting next to the hot guys in your college classes? If so what do you do to get their attention?


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  • well i am not a girl but i know if a girl is smart cool and funny that oughta get attention


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  • I would as long as I know they are single. If they don't talk to me within the second time I sit next to him, I'd ask for something like a pencil or maybe ask him for notes. If you are really brave, ask him if he understands what's going on right now. If he does, ask him to help you outside of class.


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  • No! I used to though, lol. Not next, but behind them, in order to admire them! :p

    • Freak 😂
      by the way I met a tunisian girl who lives in france haha
      Reminded me off you.
      She s an exchange student here and I am supposed to help her integrate

    • WHy behind him, you can't see his face although you can check out his ass...

  • Yea, why not. Better to be sitting next to someone attractive than ugly. Even if sitting next to smart people is more useful XD
    Just ask for a pencil or ask him things you didn't understand; You're in college for studying not flirt.