Guys, Can you tell a girls weight by pictures?

This sounds terribly mean, which is not the case, I'm trying to avoid another embarrassment, so can you tell a girls weight by just pictures? I met a girl online who's profile said curvy, I've never been one to judge, and I love curvy women! I'm not big on sticks, but when I met the girl, she wasn't curvy, she was hefty, if I had to guess around 300 pounds, I don't want to go through that again, so any time I see curvy in profiles I'm skeptical. Also her pictures she sent me, she did not look even remotely 300 pounds. So am I stuck to just Skype beforehand?


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  • yes i can! if its a full cheeked woman who is only showing her face then she's to fat for me hahaha

    • See with this particular girl she is showing only face but 1 picture of cleavage and she doesn't look fat from that, but again pictures can be deceiving like the first mistake

    • ya woman who usually send stuff like that are chunkers.. they will show cleavage and face but not their arms or their belly.. they will also sometimes have a picture with them laying down in an awkward position as to hide their stomachs and make it look like their jsut curvy

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