Does he like me?

My crush is really confusing me. There's times where he's always trying to be close/follow me and stare at me, but there's other times where he's just being distant and doesn't even acknowledge me.


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  • Sometimes us girls over analyze behaviors especially of our crushes, sometimes they do something and ACCORDING TO YOU they did it BECAUSE YOU ARE THERE, it's just your brain playing games on you, honestly, it is better to analyze the overall situation.

    You should see WHY he follows you and did he ever talk you? Does he seem shy? Try to say HI and talk to him just do the first step and see where it goes :) maybe he is just waiting for it..

    Wish you the best luck <3

  • My advice is, get to know him! Show him the real you! I know, you'll get scared but at the end of the day you would have tried !


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