Is this normal?

I have been in this loving relationship for the past 2 years. Yes we argue, but its the kind of love I always wanted! For me he is not just my boyfriend but also my best friend. I truly love him

However at sixth form there is this guy who has a crush on me. He is super caring and really nice. Recently my heart is starting to beat faster whenever he is around and I get exicted when I am about to see him. I canr understand why :( I tried to deny it but I can't. I can't control it. I know I love my boyfriend so much so why is this hapening?

Any advice? Is this normal?


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  • It is normal, it's just you are loosing control of the situation and you are loosing control of your emotions, you should honestly step back and ignore everything that might HARM your current relationship if you are TRULY happy as you are describing it.

    Don't forget, your heart might be beating because his PRESENCE makes you nervous, because YOU KNOW that he has a CRUSH ON YOU and it makes you feel weird being around a person that has some sorts of feelings for you, i can relate it happens to me as well, but i doesn't meant that i would EVER EVER doubt my love to my Man.

    Wish you the best luck <3

  • distance yourself from the new guy. It's not fair for your boyfriend


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