Anyone dated a person who is gonna go abroad to a dangerous job?

I am just gonna blurt everything oot, cause I am really confused about my situation.
I met a guy...
I have met many ni ei guys, but there is always something in the way! Always! (once a guy started having drug problems, once it was my friends ex and once he met another girl at the sama time... and so on)
So now I met this guy. He is everything I have ever dreamed of, I am head over heals into him... But we are only just getting to know each other... And today he revieled that he is gonna go to the other side of the planet earth for god knows how long to risk his life 😳 I am devastated... Almost crying over a guy I just got to know. He asked me if I wanna continue seeing him still... And without hesitation I said yes. Now I have been all moody and worried about this... What is gonna happen? I have a few guesses...
1. I am gonna get blinded and fall in love, and then it is gonna crush my life when he leaves in about one month.
2. I am gonna have the time of my life and then get over him...(never...)
3. I am gonna leave this situation and him

All these three options could be possible, but the 2. Is a little questionable, because I am already very very into him. What do you this about this situation? Is it worth the risk? He wants to continue and see, but I just started to get worried about this. I can't see myself breaking up with him just because he goes away, but would it be possible to continue a relationship? I know there is no point in thinking this far because we literally just started seeing. But I have started to protect myself from all this love-bullshit... You know?

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  • I recently finished my military service, and my role there was extremely life threatening + I had a classification level of "top secret", so I couldn't tell my girlfriend what, when and where I was.
    I could only talk to her normally about things as long as it wasn't about me in the army.
    And damn, we were for 2 years together before I was recruited, BUT literally soon after, everything went to shit.
    Just because of how busy and how much distance we had between us, she lost it really fast.
    But that is just my case, I would say that it really depends on you, if this guy is going to be away for a long time, don't even bother.
    It's very hard and you barely know him, you don't know what he is going to there, maybe seeing other girls and all, you don't know if he is really loyal or not.
    You are feeling as if he is perfect because that's the point, you don't know him, you don't know what are his biggest drawbacks, and once you will discover them, you won't feel the same way as you are feeling now.
    It will be easier if you leave him and keep trying to date other guys which you find suitable.

    • This made me sad... So you think he will have time to date girls there? You dated girls on your military service?
      I don't know him... But I will give it a shot. Something like this happens rarely to me and when I am really into someone I won't even notice other guys. I don't know if there even is a possibility for us to start anyone relationship in such a short time.. But I just hope that maybe, if he won't be away too long... We could have a chance somewhere in the future. Maybe, maybe not. I have this weird feeling I can't just run away

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    • Thanks... I guess I actually don't know at all what I am gonna do before I talk to him face to face and see what he has to offer. I could actually just take it casually for a change, just not sure if it will be too painful in the end.

    • Don't get too much attached to him emotionally, or it might end up very painful.

Most Helpful Girl

  • You have only one opportunity to know a good person in life. It does not matter if there is a bad situation ahead. You should be with a person that you feel is right for you, even if it is only for a short time.

    • Thanks for this 😍 your comment made me realise what is more important. I gotta see what this is made of.

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What Guys Said 3

  • You have different priorities in your lives, so there are good reasons to avoid any emotional entanglement. Just be friends until he returns from Afghanistan! Or wherever.

  • How long will he be gone for? Is this a one time thing?

    • I don't know yet... Not sure if he even knows it himself. I am gonna ask about it more when we meet. Hope he knows.

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    • Lol I ain't saying that. Just know a lot of military dudes who got a few girls.

    • Well, it was actually I who made the first move. He was very suprised and flattered. I think he wouldn't have started to get to know anyone this close to him leaving. He seems like a gentleman. And he told me as early as possible. When both seem to be interested and there seems to be a possibility for something. Now he just wanted to tell me he is gonna be gone and not just leave me hanging if I wanna change my mind and walk away.

  • um what is this job lol?

    • Peacekeeper

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    • point is guys will play some fucked up games in order to have a good time and skip town.. If i was YOU id findout who he's going with and more on the facts.. ask questions! cuz if he's going over he WILL have a timeline for return no matter who he's going with

    • I think his instagram will reveal what he is gonna do there. But at this point I trust him. I am ofc gonna ask him questions! That's a part of his life and I am very curious about why he chose it and how long he will be gone and so on.

What Girls Said 1

  • Risk his life for what?

    I mean you can always give it a try.

    • Peacekeeper... :( I am probably gonna, because I have been hurt before and that's life... I know it is gonna be hard, but one never knows how it is gonna go if one won't try

    • Peacekeeper? Oh dear... 😅 If it's for 6-12 months it might be alright.

    • Yeah! I thought so too when I read the usually are 6-12 months! I have to see him so I can discuss this.

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