Does this guy actually want a relationship?

I started talking to this guy about 2 years ago. We ended up having a fall out, and stopped talking. He reached out to me in August, and we decided to hang out. We've hung out 3 times since then. Things just got hectic and crazy in my life, and I pushed him away. Which made him angry, and we stopped talking again. He reached out to me a few nights ago saying I miss you. Hang out with me. " then I said " okay sometime this week. " and he said " but hang out with me always. " what does that even mean? he's always the type of guy to want to hang out all day, or more than once. Is he saying " always " as in stop leaving me, or as hang out all the time? I'm just so confused by this guy. I feel that I owe it to him to see him since I shut him out, but am afraid to commit with fear that we will have a fallout again. What do I do? DONT BE RUDE.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I believe this should be titled "Do I want a relationship" but its nice that you do the female thing where you try to place the blame on the guy... i mean... why not? he won't fight back...
    I would.
    so before you fire back at me... ask yourself that... do YOU want a relationship with him? after you answer that question... i'll be able to help you.

    • I feel like I do. I mean it's been a few months since I've seen him. If he's this consistent and doesn't give up I feel like I should give him a chance.

    • ... or HE should give YOU a chance 😒
      Give it a shot... lets see

What Girls Said 1

  • Do you have feelings for him? It seems to me that that guy has developed feelings for you and he is probably considering the possibility of being with you.


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