When is the looking or fantasies turning from harmless flirting to acting on it?

I understand men for the most part. I understand the looking at other women and fantasizing about other women while in a relationship. When should it become a concern for his woman? Here's the issue. He has a social media account and I am not friends with him. I don't ask him to be friends with me. I think he should want to and will if he wants to. Well he doesn't. Is it because he wants to hide our relationship? Or more of his freedom thing? There is a certain woman he constantly is liking, hearting, or panting on. Doesn't miss a picture. She doesn't live close to us, so I am not thinking anything is going on physically. And liking a picture isn't a big deal. But every one of them? To me he looks thirsty. (Just being honest) I would like to know if this should be a concern for me or is this normal guy behavior? It's the fact that he doesn't want me to be apart of his social media that bothers me the most. Knowing that a certain female is getting all this attention from him, comes in as a close second. Please share your thoughts on this.
I asked him about us being friends and his response was that we don't need to be friends on there because it's no one else's business. That as long as we are together and know that, that it's no one else's business to know. Why does this have to be so complicated?


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  • It is mostly a normal guy behavior. However you can indirectly refer this to him and let him be warned indirectly.

    • What would be the best way to indirectly refer this to him?

    • Talk about a fictitous friend who was caught...

    • Thanks. I'll give it a try.

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  • Are you in a relationship with him?

    • Yes. For a few years. On and off.

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    • OK I have had this before. My advice to you would be to speak with him and see what he says. Tell him you feel he is undermining you. The fact he isn't friends with you on FB is suspicious.

    • I had a talk with him and it didn't go well. He said we don't need to be friends on there. As long as we know we are together it's no one else's business. I think that's just a line of bull...

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