Is it fine to have a urge break a girl's heart really badly? If not, how do I stop it?

Actually my ex did same with me, during my high school, that incident really fucked up my whole year and I had to take a year back to get into good college. So I having a urge of revenge to break someone's really badly. Is it ok? Of not how do I stop it?


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  • Why would you take your pain out on some poor unsuspecting girl, rather than the girl who caused you that pain? It's not revenge if you're directing it at someone else entirely.


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  • It's not okay, and what you're feeling is the need to take your anger out on someone, aka revenge. I'd recommend you either talk to a professional about it, or invest in a punching bad/dummy, that you can take your anger out on.

    • My breakup had been 2 years ago, but I can't help it. Sometime I feel like going back to her, sometimes I just feel like breaking someone's heart really badly. I am unable to be in a new relationship due to this.

    • It's entirely natural to feel angry or hurt when things like this happens. You need to leave that past behind somehow, so that you can focus on the present/future. One such way, is to put your everything into your studies, or a hobby. Some people take their anger out on dummies, others go to a remote location and scream their thoughts away. How do you usually let go of your steam?

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