Why doesn't he want to kiss me?

I've been seeing this guy. Im not sure whether we are dating or friends. But we go out for meals together and he pays for me most of the time.

the other day I asked him what our relationship was and he got flustered and said 'at one point I was thinking 'should I kiss her?' But he never kissed me or asked me to kiss him.

he's 13 years older than me

why does he not want to kiss me?


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  • Ask him.. Don't you want a kiss... And he'll kiss you..(TEN words and I solved the problem) LMAO


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  • He wants to kiss you. He is just nervous. How many times do you need to ask this question in order to understand that he actually wants you?


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  • 13 years older than you? I didn't know that was possible, and why don't YOU go and kiss him

    • now a days anything possible. girls do anything for money. after all who pays for your meal?

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    • that's true. but when gentleman take one small girl on date. why?

    • cuz it's nice

  • give us more detail about him


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