I was overwhelmed with jealousy today and I don't understand why?

I sort of do understand why. Before my boyfriend and I got together he told me he had feelings for one of our work colleagues aswell as me (he liked me for years though and I knew this ). It wasn't a case of him trying to woo us both at the same time. As soon as I expressed having feelings for him, he focused all his attention on me and all was forgotten in terms of her. The feelings weren't mutual between them. He didn't even have her phone number which I discovered before we started dating.

Anyway today when I arrived at work I noticed they were working together, she doesn't usually work in his department but they needed some help. I saw both their names grouped together on my computer and my mind automatically starting taking me places. Then they both walked out the building at the same time (he was going for lunch and she was going home). I automatically felt jealous seeing them talking and walking.

We have a work group chat which she never talks in, however shortly after they left he sent us a video and she replied to it which she Never does.

I know I'm probably overreacting. I've never felt jealous like this before. Help me


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  • if u are still together keep an eye on the girl without overreacting


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  • You are definitely overreacting, especially considering the fact that your boyfriend didn't do anything wrong. You need to trust him more.


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