He's flaky, but I can't get enough.

I started seeing this guy about two weeks before school was out for the summer. It was going amazing, we saw each other about every other day, he took me on dates, we always had fun together, and we kissed. Well the day I was leaving he started getting flaky and didn't respond to my text messages. We ran into each other on campus though, so he called me later and we hung out a little bit before I left. But then I didn't hear from him until the next night while he was drunk on fb, and he was saying stuff like "I wish you were here, I want to be holding you", but when I texted him he didn't respond again. I was about to give up when he called me last night acting all amazing again and saying how he wants to visit and he told me that he'd call me when I got off work today. But I got off hours ago and he knows that.. Should I just give up? What if he doesn't call tonight? I'm going crazy. We just have so much fun together and I don't know what he thinks anymore. :( I know this was long, but please help!


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  • Yes, give up.


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