Should we call it quits or give it another try?

so my boyfriend and I have been dating foe 6 months now and we have lived together for about 4 of those months. I truly fell so deeply in love with him not at first actually I really didn't like him much for that first month that we started seeing each other... I know it sounds bad but he is so different from every other guy I have ever given the time of day. he was so cocky about himself and everything he did borderline annoying. (I kept seeing him because we had sex on our first date and I thought that if I had originally liked him enough to have sex with him it would be worth the shot
after that first month of me not being sure about him we did spend pretty much all our fre time together even if it was just for a few minutes we just wanted to be together and so he asked me to move in with him to another state I wasn't sure until he left for 2 weeks to his new job and we were constantly texting everyday all day and I honestly genuinely missed him so much when he went back for a week to get the rest of his stuff we obviously hung out and spent all our time together I even missed like 3 days of work just to be with him. and he asked me again to go with him and I decided that it was something that I wanted to do.
we left together and started living together and I don't know but it came so effortlessly like it was like so natural for us like everything was so perfect but then slowly but surly we started having more and more arguments over other people (he had ben texting one of his ex. nothing serious but still) I wasn't working so I was pretty much a housewife.
every time we fought the fights got bigger and bigger even if the reason why we started arguing was something pointless the fights just started to get out of control.
I did make things worse because sometimes I would drink and then we would argue and the situation started to get physical on my part I would get so frustrated with him because of the things he said to me during these fights and when I would try to tell him this he would not even let me talk and I was drunk and I honestly would get


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  • Well if you truly want it to work you guys need to talk about why the fights are happening or go see someone who can help you work through the problems without a fight breaking out. Drinking and getting physical of course does not help the situation. Are you still not working?

    • I for sure want to work things out with him like I could see us in the long run. I stopped drinking because I see that that contributes to things getting worse but even with out me drinking we have gotten into that push and shove and getting in each others faces. I was working but we are moving back to our home state in a week and so I stopped working. I have brought up talking to each other with like a mediator but he doesn't want to. I just feel like that would help to keep the tempers from getting out of control and it would help to get both of the perspectives heard instead of either him shutting down and not listening to me or vice versa. I feel like I an trying but I don't know about him and he tells me he is trying too but doesn't know if I am that's why having someone to help us talk it out would help nut I don't know how to get him to see that

    • Okay well since you want it to work then the next time you talk with him then you need to explain what it is that you are doing to try and ask him what it is that needs to happen before he truly believes that you are working to improve. However if he just completely stops trying and will not talk about it then you either need to find a way to get through to him or it is simply time to walk unfortunately.

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  • So what? You are having arguments. Arguments are normal and they occur in every relationship. There are no perfect relationships because there are no perfect couples. What are your arguments about usually? If they are over other people, ask yourselves if it's actually worth it.
    You claim that he was texting his ex. What was he texting her about? Were they flirting or was he trying to catch up with her?


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