Any opinions on these mixed signals?

So this guy I was seeing sends really mixed signals that I can't understand. He will text me first and stop responding as soon as I reply or ask to make plans and then stop replying as soon as I ageee to a day to see each other. What is the point of him reaching out to me if he doesn't want to actually put in an effort to see me or talk to me? I've already tried asking him he gives me the same bs answer everythime so now I'm just curious about other people's opinion or experiences like this.


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  • Yeah, I've had experience with that, I've also done that. I'd suggest potentially seeing someone else.

    From the sounds of it you actually attempt to make conversation so it's not that.

    Maybe you should look for someone else, as harsh as it sounds it sounds like you're either a backup. (If he's dating around) or he's just simply not interested.

    Perhaps he's just socially stunted and he's nervous about actually following through with the plans!

    It could be a lot of things haha, do you mind if I ask what his bs excuse is?

    • that's what my instincts are telling me as well. Can you tell me since you said you've done this before why a guy would reach out if he isn't interested in hanging out though? Thats the part that's weighing on my mind is why he would continue to reach out to me first and ask me out and only ignore me after I agree to see him.

      He tells me he's just bad at texting and helping his family with stuff around the house but that he does want to keep seeing me.

    • I meant I do this when they don't provide interesting conversation, or if I don't want to come across as too keen, but if I didn't want to meet I wouldn't almost make plans than cancel.

      If you think it's bullshit and he's making no effort, talk to him about it, say something along the lines if you can't make the effort there is no point in us seeing one another.

What Girls Said 2

  • I'm in a similar situation. It really shouldn't be this complicated and honestly it's probably for the best for us to both move on. A simple text only takes a minute and even if they are busy a quick respond of hey sorry I'm busy right now but will be free at such and such time would be better then nothing at all. The only time they might not be able to respond right away would be if at work and not allowed to have their phone but even when on a break a quick response would be nice. Someone who really cares or is interested in at least getting to know you will make the time and effort even if it's just for coffee.

  • That does seem quite strange! How long have you been seeing him?

    • A little over 2 months. We've been friends for a couple months before that as well.

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