Are there any other women with depression, anxiety, or social awkwardness who hate male attention?

I genuinely apologize to any men offended by the question. Especially men who are also suffering from any of these things.
I read a post from a man, who felt men with poor social skills had a much worse time with dating/getting female attention than women, with the same lack of social skills. In my opinion, women with poor social skills ( whether it's because she is too depressed to socialize in any meaningful way or is anxious or socially awkward) attract nothing but sexual interest from men. My point is that male attention does nothing for a woman with social issues. I get no satisfaction from being thought of as a warm hole. It makes me feel like a pity lay at best.
I feel like it is a byproduct of these conditions in women that is never really discussed.


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  • A warm hole.. interesting. Lmfao if a woman gets thought of like that then clearly your attracting men that haven't had much action in their life. I think someone on a more intellectual level will be able to say there a plenty of women with 'warm holes' so why not find one with a 'interesting persona' and a 'warm hole'.
    I think the place and timing is crucial to find men like this, usually places like this are quieter and aid social awkwardness, anxiety and depression coincidentally.


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  • Do you not even believe a man is capable of loving a woman?

    True love? Purely from a philosophical viewpoint, do you think it CAN exist?

    • I do. I think if anyone looks past the superficial and is open to love they can find it.

  • Something tells me that guys who talk like that never really interact with females much.


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