How to deal with this situation where I met girl online?

So I hit it off pretty well with this girl I met on an online dating site. We got each others Facebook and we've chatted a few times through IM. The conversations went pretty well and lasted pretty long.

Anyways, last week I decided to ask her out to meet face-to-face since I think we know each other well enough for us to meet. I sent her a message instead of using IM, since with my new work schedule it's hard for me to log onto Facebook often and IM her. It took a few days, but she finally responded and said that she's out of state right now but when she gets back we should hang out. Is she still interested? Or did she make up an excuse? She never said when is a good time for us to hang out. What should I say when I message her back? She didn't say when she's gonna return.


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  • I don't think she made up an excuse, there's really no reason to. Perhaps you could try again, and tell her to let you know when she's back and its a good time, but to give you some notice, (cause of work) and see what happens from there. If she gets back on, and seems like she's avoiding you... and acting fruity.. then maybe you should cut your losses. No one wants to get their heart broken, or feelings hurt... so if you see 3-4 signs, you should probably walk.

    I hope she comes back, and you two hang out... and it all works out.. relationship or not. :]

    • Thanks for the response. How can I tell if she's avoiding me? You mean from talking online, right?

    • Yeah, I mean... If you know the schedual you guys used to chat at... then you know what time she's usually online... if it seems like she's always logging on and saying something before she drops you a line... that could be a sign... If she ALWAYS has some other excuse... but, I don't think she's making it up... I'm sure she's nervous to be everything you expect, but I don't think she'd blow you off :] <3

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  • if you feel weird asking straight up when you coming back. be like I would like to know when you are coming back because I would like to make reservacions to a nice restaurant. I think seens you guys have never actually meet if she wasn't interested she would just tell you or just block you.lols so I think she didn't make it up.

    • Thanks for the response. I don't want to take her to a restaurant yet, since we still haven't even met in person yet. I was thinking just coffee. In that case, should I just tell her to let me know when she will come back? Yeah, I don't think its a good idea to ask her straight up when she's coming back

    • In that case. you tell her look I would like to know when you come back because I want to take you somewhere nice nd I would like to know to have the right amount of money. or if not that I am out of clue.

  • If she didn't want to hang out with you, she wouldn't have said yes. It's that simple. She could've said: I'm out of state, I don't know when I'll be back. That would've been blowing you off my friend. But she didn't say that, she said that you should hang out together. Which is great.

    You asked her to hang out, you initiated a first meeting. So it's up to you to initiate when to meet up. It's not on her shoulders, it's on yours.

    It's obvious that you have chemistry, albeit online, so it's only right that you test the waters and see if the chemistry can be felt in-person.

    Good luck.

    • Well she never mentioned when she'll be back. So if I send her another message, what am I supposed to say? Lets meet up next week or whenever you get back?

    • Yes, do just that. Take a chance, what's the worst that could happen? Since you did meet online, she may be hesitant to meet you. There is a stigma that everyone you meet through online dating is a 40 year old pedophile, and that just isn't the case. I myself have met someone quite spectacular online and we are finally going to meet soon. Just give her some time.

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