How to have a successful first date?

I recently broke up with my girlfriend and I hate dating cause it seems fake and too unnatural to me, I usually prefer the friendships that develop into love. But right now I just wanna have fun and I guess dating is a good way to do that. But how can I get a girl to like me if she sits with me for an hour or two.


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  • Umm, without chemistry your success rate is almost 0, but that aside:
    1. Don't talk about yourself too much (also avoid bragging, politics, religion, and don't talk about the things you don't like, that is unnecessary negativity)
    2. Ask her questions that make her think a little (like instead of saying What do you do? How do you like it? The follow up question could be "Is that something you are passionate about?" If she says no, you ask what does get her drive up, if she says yes, ask her what she about that passion adds to her character or her life.
    3, Compliment he (But no more than TWICE). However, make sure both compliments are unique! Stay away from you are beautiful, sexy, etc. Tell her WHAT makes her beautiful (This might ake YOU think haha). I tend to notice body language really well and I can describe a movement to her I find eandearing or seductive or whatever, you can teach her something about herself she never noticed. The curve her neck makes flowing into her shoulders. Just be specific and it will mean a whole lot more.
    4. Offer to pay, if she says that you should split it, offer to pay once more, but if she still wants to split it, give her her way without a fuss.
    5. KISS HER. This is SO important. Especially if there is chemistry. Oh, and I like to kiss in the middle of the date, it is spontaneous, out of the ordinary, and skips the awkward "do we kiss" moment at the end of the date, and jumps right into full blown make-out sessions. It also gives you a real answer to whether there will be another date.


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  • Well attraction occurs naturally and so does chemistry, so don't try to "manufacture" a good date, just be yourself, don't try to present a fake impression of yourself, and don't try to desperately force the date to be good. It will be good for both of you or it won't, dating is about discovering if there's attraction, chemistry and mutual interest.


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  • It's always guesswork.
    You never know what the other expects from that date. Thus it's easy to disappoint her even if you don't want to.
    My wife still says me she was disappointed with our 2 first dates : she had expected more. She was also disappointed with the dates afterwards: she wanted less, it seems...


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