Is it weird for a guy to send long text messages? Not romantic or anything they just have a lot of info?

It says it all in the title, ladies if a cute guy sends you long text messages is it ever seen as a bad thing or even as a sign that he's interested in you? What do you think?



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  • That entirely depends on the girl, the guy, their relationship, and the context of the text messa

    • Messages. I have a couple guy friends that I text long text messages back and forth. This just means we have a lot in common (we used to work together so we mostly talk about work) and are good friends. There's nothing weird about being good friends with someone. This has nothing to do with being cute or attraction unless your texts are about how infatuated you are

  • well depends on what the long paragraph is about lol

    • Just regular conversation. Nothing about professing his undying love or any creepy stuff like that.

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    • well she's interested in talking with you. But does she flirt with you?

    • Yes. Also lots of smiley faces and ! s. And emojis.

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