Ideas for the best first date ever?

The girl I have liked for the longest time asked me out, but she asked that I come up with the idea so to speak, I have waited too long for this to mess it up now, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated

my budget: $60 dollars
and also should I just pay for the entire date?


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  • If she asked you out, she should give you an idea as to what she would like to do, since your budget is limited, let her know and ask her to split the bill. I love a gentleman, but honestly I don't make a guy pay for the entire date, either I pay for the date, or we split the bill.


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  • Well, $60 isn't going to get you far... last lousy date I went on was to a crummy restaurant and a movie, popcorn, and a soda, and $60 was gone in a flash.

    With that said, we are talking about digging up some romance, find a river to walk by, a lake to stare at with her, at this point it's not about the money, but what YOU put into it, do something somewhere you two can talk, enjoy each other, and if the moment comes, you can be semi-private with little effort.

    I used to sit by the lake with a gal I liked, and we would just sit there, chat, and we'd eventually be in a warm embrace, kissing and so on...

    So, dinner, lake/river, long walk, somewhere to sit back and enjoy each other's company.

    Good luck man!


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  • if you're in a colder place like me, you can never go wrong with Ice skating

  • You can go for something simple as dinner and drinks afterwards. You can still do more stuff together afterwards should you want to.

    And of course you should pay for the entire date, doesn't matter that she asked you out, be a gentleman!

  • Bowling can be fun, some places have a flat rate then you can get some drinks afterwards.

  • Come on this is ridiculous, she asked you out, she should plan the date! Tell her that. And no, you should not pay for the entire date, if anyone should pay for the date it's her.

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