Are you supposed to act like a girlfriend when you've just begun dating someone?

I know it sounds kinda silly but I don't understand if I am supposed to act like "wifey" when I am just dating someone. I can be a really great girlfriend and will go all out if a guy is my boyfriend BUT for the guys I am just dating I don't do any of those things. I wouldn't go to his house and take care of him if he was sick, or make him soup or be all loving and show my feelings (unless he has first). Ultimately what ends up happening is guys think I am not that into them or not as interested as they are... I am new to the whole dating thing and haven't had very many long term relationships and I somehow seem to push guys away so I would love some advice.


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  • Ask him if you guys are exclusive first and if he says yes, then you can act like a real girlfriend.

    • So before that don't do all that stuff?

    • Nah don't. When I was seeing my current boyfriend, I did not do all that stuff until he asked me to be exclusive. Then I started acting like a girlfriend.

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  • Just be yourself. If he really likes you and wants to progress with you and the relationship he will make it obvious and show his feelings and go out of his way for you.

  • dont act, just do you


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