Should I message him after finding this out?

Well I don't know if this happened for a reason, its kinda dumb but sh*t like this happens. I've been meaning to message this guy back about when we're gonna see each other. Now, I say "message back" because the last time we talked, we were trying to see when we would be available to schedule a time and he seemed really enthusiastic about it but I was kinda busy at the moment so I kept saying I can't do that time and I guess he just gave up and left it all up to me about letting him know when we can meet up. I feel like he's been waiting for me to let him know but who knows if thats the case. So I was going to message him some time soon but I decided to look up on social media and came across this girl that I always felt like he had a thing for. She recently posted a photo of herself and I wanted to see if he liked it and he did. He also liked her other photos and this is all recently so that was really discouraging and now I don't feel like messaging him back. I feel like Ill look like a loser messaging him if he's back to being interested in her. So I don't know if that happened for a reason because I have been contemplating on messaging him back since he didn't treat me exactly that great in the past but I thought after our last talk, we made it clear were on the same page of wanting to see each other so it made me feel more hopeful. But now that I know of this social media girl thing, i lost some desire to message him. Am I just creating more stress for myself and should just message him? or was that a sign that maybe I shouldn't and possibly wait for him? the thing is, if I wait for him, I feel like ill be waiting forever since last time we talked, he made most of the effort so now its my turn to make the effort.


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  • If he was an ass why do you want to see him again?

    • Cause I miss him and I'm really into him plus when we talked, he seemed like he felt the same way so it made me feel good. Maybe he changed and I'll only know if I see him and talk to him.

    • That's actually kind of why I wanna see him... so we can talk about where things will go from there. I just want a peace of mind but after what I discovered which I know seems very petty I'm not sure if I should.

  • just message him