How often should you expect to see your significant other?

I currently see my boyfriend on the weekends. And even then sometimes we're busy on the weekends and can't see each other. We have been on one date since we started dating 5 months ago. We text everyday but if I don't text him it'll go days before we text and even then it's me initiating contact again. We live close to each other. I don't want to seem clingy so I don't worry about it too much. I'm perfectly ok seeing him only on weekends but I think it's odd. Thoughts and advise are welcomed. Please 🙂


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  • I've always wanted to spend as much time with any significant other as humanly possible


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  • I see my fiancé everyday but that's cause we live together lol. I still saw him everyday before I moved in anyway. I saw my ex nearly everyday and I saw my first boyfriend only on weekends at the start the on weekends and a Wednesday then I moved in. Me and my first boyfriend only saw each other little amounts because he lived in another town

    • To answer your question though, everyone expects to see them different amounts. If you're unhappy try talking to him 😊

  • I'm in a new relationship with a guy who lives in a different town to me. Last year we were seeing each other for a few months but it ended with him telling me he didn't want a relationship. Back then we saw each other just at the weekends, on either a Saturday or Sunday. Fast forward to now, and he told me back in November he made a big mistake and is ready for a relationship. He pursued me until I agreed to give things another go. Now we are in a relationship we see each other every weekend and in the week too. At the start of us getting back together it was just the weekend, but over the last month or so this has become more frequent. This week alone we have seen each other on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday and I am due to see him tomorrow as well. I think my advice to you would be to ask him if he is happy in the relationship and to bring up your concerns with how much you guys see each other. It could just be that he's not used to being in a relationship and is used to having the freedom that comes with being single. Also, the part about texting and allowing it to go days if you don't initiate is also something that needs to be brought up. Communication needs to be healthy if things are going to work out.


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