I'm very confused and don't know what to do about a crush?

I've had a crush for a long time now and, at least for some time, she had a crush on me too. Nowadays, we live in different countries and I get to see her only once or twice a year, yet I still have deep feelings for her. She, on the other hand, appears to have moved on.

I want to stop seeing her as a crush, just as a friend, but don't know how. I've thinked about talking to her and telling her that I need some space for myself (no chats, not seeing her, etc), and explaining to her why (telling her I have a crush on her).

Should I do this? Or is it too selfish from me? I haven't had the guts to do it because I appreciate the friendship very much, and am scared of loosing what we have. Also, she has had a very very tough past year, divorced parents amongst other things, so I feel like crap telling her I want to move away from her life (knowing that she appreciates the friendship and me as a support)

Any advice would be very, very welcome. It's really painful.


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  • I've been in the same situation. She doesn't probably even think about you. It's hard but that's what I thought about him. So you move on. Don't make it too complicated. Delete her and it's over. Look for a hobby, go on with living

    • Without even telling her anything? Just move away and slowly let the friendship fade away?

    • There's a quote telling "where friendship is love never existed". So if it was love then yeah go on. if it was friendship maybe you're holding onto something what hurts even more than letting go

  • Why are you holding it in?

    • I'm just scared about loosing the friendship.. Even though I've got a crush on her, I have always put our friendship first and foremost above all.

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    • And what do you mean with "living a double life"?

    • Perhaps she has a SO?

  • If she doesn't reciprocate your feelings, it'll get awkward

    • So your advice would be to just do it without telling her anything?

    • yes.

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