Girls, What do you think about this girl's behaviour?

She blocked my friend (and me too) just because he asked her if she was lying (or not) when she told him she had a boyfriend... My friend and i don't understand her reaction... He just asked her a question. So what's the matter with it?


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  • It comes across doughy and accusatory; it can be construed as implying that she either couldn't have a boyfriend and thus must make it up, or as a potential "call out" as if she is making up to avoid you asking her out. It's annoying. Lol.

    • She's just a fucking coward. She doesn't have the balls to tell the truth if she's lying...

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    • If you solicit anyone's personal information here, it'll be removed. I'm a moderator, I'd know. So I don't recommend you do that.

    • I didn't like the way she acted with me.

  • You have to put more information. There's no possible way to understand otherwise...

    Did she think you were hitting on her, and perhaps she did lie about it instead of turning you down honestly?

    • My friend is angry... Because he just asked her a question... He was even not hitting on her...

      She's a coward because she blocked him...

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    • Okay? Why are you taking this so seriously?

      She's not really worth getting upset over unless she's a girlfriend or something...

    • Because she's not the only one who blocked me and my friend so far...

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