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So this guy and I met at a dance, anyways that doesn't matter. We snap chatted for a while and he was out of town for the holidays. But he told me "we'd make a cute couple." And "I should take you out sometime." And he called me cute. I really liked him and I think he did too.
But he went back to school and the communication went down to no talking for a few weeks. He said "sorry I'm busy." And that was the last I heard from him. But now he sent me a Snapchat today and we were talking for a while. Is he still interested in me? (Forgot to add details) he said a lot was going on at home, and it would be a rough 2017.


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  • Are you guys long-distance? If yes, that would explain his reaction. If not, he's trying to avoid you for some reason. That or he is genuinely busy with school.

    • We are about 20-25 minutes away, from his college. He's an RA in school and he said he's been going through a lot at his home. Which he lives farther away.

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