Why does this guy hate me?

So basically this guy used to flirt with me and always talk to me and stuff and he used to compliment me and stuff. I liked him and my friends thought he liked me too. All of a sudden tho now he's ignoring me and pretending I don't exist and stuff which hurts a lot. We have mutual friends and stuff so we were all hanging out today and he pretty much ignored me but was talking to my friends and he was flirting with them and stuff and complimenting them while occasionally looking at me and ignoring me. Even at lunch time today we all sit at the same table to have lunch he was occasionally looking at me but ignoring me at the same time I don't know why that is tho it's like he hates me! I know he hates me now but why do you think that is?


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  • Ok, this happens when the guy flirts and you don't flirt back, or show minimal interest in return. He therefore takes it as rejection which is why he is showing anger or resentment towards you. He is now trying to move on.

    • How can I show him that I am interested? Is it too late to stop him from moving on

    • If he is showing genuine hatred or spite, I would say it is too late. I would take this as a life lesson learned for next time. Next time a guy shows interest in you and flirts with you, and you like him, you better show some interest back. You need to flirt back with him, say positive things, compliment him, initiate saying high and behave like you are happy and glad to see him an be around him.

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  • Maybe he is hiding a grudge


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