Should I tell him that I love him even though it might screw everything up?

There's this guy at my work, we're sharing an office together. I've been working there for about seven months and in December I realized that I'm in love with him. His completely not my type, but I've fallen for him. I don't think I've ever been hit this hard before. Until two months ago he dated another colleague, but their relationship ended. I thought I had a shot now... but then there's this other girl in our department. She always flirts with him and he compliments her, etc. Today I finally asked him and he confirmed to me that he was dating her. I almost broke down in front him. I was (am) really really upset and heartbroken and he asked me what was wrong but I couldn't tell him.

Do you guys think I should still tell him how I feel about him? I'm terrified of going back to the office... seeing them together, having to pretend that I'm fine. I'm not even sure how to act around him now. Should I show him that I'm hurt and upset or pretend that I'm fine?


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  • Sorry, you missed your chance. Do not say anything. Don't be a boyfriend stealer. Do not try to wedge yourself between them. Respect their relationship and move on.


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  • it would be good for you to get it off your chest so telling him might be better, but having that said remember it doesn't mean he will leave this girl for you so prepare yourself as it could go either way, i think being honest is best because then you won't get more hurt in the end , if you start liking him more and more by being quiet about this you will feel worse, dont tell him straight that you like him, test the water first meaning you should tell him you think he is cute or ask him to hang out make a move to see how it goes firstly:)

    • remember friendship might always lead to some thing more so hang out with him and see how it developes:)

    • I'm just scared because we have to work together. We see each other every single day. If I tell him and he doesn't feel the same way (which I'm 99.9% sure he doesn't) it will be very awkward.

    • how does he act that you feel he doesn't feel the same way about you if i may ask? there is a chance of it being a bit awkward after you have told him this but i doubt the awkwardness will be there forever, basically you have 2 choices, either be upfront with him about your feelings, or you can keep it a secret and be sad every day about it it will build up more and more inside you, if i were you i would just tell him so that its done with then you can move on instead of letting it effect you thinking what if, i know its not easy and you might even get a bit shy while telling him but its for the best, maybe tell him over a message if your scared to tell him face to face , or write him a letter and give it to him if you dont have his number, what do you think of him having dated 2 colleagues already and flirts like that doesn't that say much about him already? do you really believe he is worth it? if he doesn't feel the same its his loss you will be okay:)

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  • tell him

  • Tell him.

    • Why?

    • He should know, you shouldn't keep your emotions a secret, because the risk is you'll end up breaking down and crying because he doesn't know and won't treat you like you feel the way you do.

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