I'm torn between them, help?

I'm a senior in high school, prom is coming up on May 26, I haven't decided who I will go with. I've never had a girlfriend and I took some time off dating because I focused too much on looks and the relationships wouldn't have worked out anyways due to that fact. But now I've changed greatly since and I'm looking for a prom date. I'm torn between 3 girls who I would want to go with, Courtney, Mila and Isa. I want to go with Courtney because she seems cool and much more mature than most people I have to put up with. I want to go with Mila because we have a lot in common and I feel a connection with her but I fear it might just be puppy love again. I'm thinking about Isa because she seems nice and we have a resource class together, which will give me time to talk to her after I finish whatever work I had to do. I'm deciding soon because it's only a matter of time before they all have dates. With Valentine's day coming up, the clock is ticking and I need some help deciding here. Which one of them should I focus on?

  • Mila
  • Courtney
  • Isa
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  • Ask Courtney out. If she declines, ask Mila and then Isa, in that orderl


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  • Be a true player and take them all to the prom secretly. Or do it openly like a boss.

    • I only want serious answers

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    • And none will be my girlfriend after high school either if I cheat on them. Only one

    • they won't be your girlfriend after high school anyway.
      Like I said: when you're an adult you'll laugh at this.

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