Does she like me?

Girls mainly. This girl I know (not really friends) used to really like me and I like her, but she bas a boyfriend all of a sudden. For some reason she tries to hide him from me but not others. He seems like a great guy and I unintentionally hurt her before. Before knowing I asked her out by message kind of vaguely (stupid, I know) but she never replied. What do you think she's thinking? Should I try again? It seems like there's still something there.


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  • Even vaguely, we like to read into stuff and I'm sure she did. She might have asked her friends what they thought you meant as well. If she didn't respond she likely isn't interested and was trying to avoid hurting your feelings. That also might be why she's hiding her boyfriend from you.

    • Still, why would she hide him? I don't think she thought I was interested until I asked her out. Another girl did that to me and it turned out she liked me.

    • She might not want to hurt your feelings. Maybe she's like the other girl. If you aren't worried about receiving an answer you might not like you could always ask her.

  • She doesn't want you. Do not try again. She has a boyfriend.


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