Do you agree that there is a difference between speaking your mind and giving your unwanted/unasked-for opinion to your partner/spouse?

I agree with it. I'm definitely all for women being completely honest with me, speaking their minds when there is a place and time for it but not when they either try to force their thoughts/beliefs on me or just deliberately want to be rude/bitchy.

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  • yes, totally!

    best example: i once dated a guy who tried to control what i ate and would bully me by saying things like, "you don't need that". i wasn't even fat!

    (back then, i was working out 4x/week with a trainer + taking every cardio class i could.)

    i could have understood if his concerns were health-related: if that's the case, by all means, speak up. but he was just being an inconsiderate ass.


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  • I concur.


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  • No... I want if from my spouse... I do NOT need it from snotty strangers!

  • no don't overthink