How is it to have an Alpha boyfriend?


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  • I love it. He keeps me in my place and I think that's what I need. Especially after my ex because I think he was more feminine than me. I like to be the submissive one and I feel like my boyfriend is a real manly man. Even if he doesn't think he's an alpha, I see it. Also, the sex is amazing.

    • Does he get jealous?

    • No, or at least he doesn't show it. I don't think I've been in a situation that would make him jealous though. I have a few guy friends that he knows about but he has no issue at all with me talking to them.

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  • How it is? I'd assume "Likely to be cheated on" would be a likely outcome. Because by far the most people who can actually joke themselves into thinking they're alpha's, are the guys/girls who sleep around.

  • there is no alpha in human populations

  • You'll be paying for his bail a lot because he will have to fight anyone that sizes him up at a bar.

    You get no say in virtually any of your relationship decisions.

    • not good for the paying part but I don't like thinking too much so it's good here.

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  • I dated one Alpha and I wasn't a huge fan, tbh. His jerky tendencies embarrassed me a lot. The sex was great, though.

    • What do you mean by jerky? he was rude with you?

    • Not with me, but with other people. Doing whatever he wanted and not caring about how it might affect people. Him feeling he was superior to everyone didn't sit well with me either. (Especially with where he was success-wise in his life.) Just not the right kind of guy for my personality.

      Honestly, I think he was just an asshole with Alpha tendencies.

    • As long as he's nice with me I don't really care.

  • It fucking rocks! The only way to go!

  • Alpha boyfriend? What's that? lol Guys who lift?