Ok guys I really need help here (read details please)?

I am asking my crush out on a date tomorrow and I really don't know how to be prepared. I am thinking of asking her out after college on our way home. I have written what I need to say.

Is it a big difference to have a big smile vs being serious when asking her out?

any tips is appreciated, need answers ASAP, thank you!!


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  • A smile says it all. It gives you a much more approachable stance:) easy vibes..
    Vs. serious, which can make her feel a little pressured/guilty...
    are y'all together?

    • I was going to ask her today, but she was going to meet with her friends, I prefer asking her individually and face to face. Was it the right choice?

    • Yes, because just in case she was to turn down your offer, it wouldn't be in front of a crowd/group..

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  • You shouldn't ask her because you might get rejected.

    • Lol you never know. He may not. :)

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    • Not asking a girl out because I might get "rejected" is just an excuse not to ask the girl I love out. Eventually you will have to ask a girl out, and I find this girl to be very beautiful with an amazing personality, so not asking her out is a definite NO, but if I do and she says yes then the reward is much higher than playing it safe by not asking her out.

    • Yeah :) positive thinking.

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  • It will not make a huge difference, but if the girl is anything like me, if a guy smiled at me while he tried to ask me out, I'd assume he's probably joking or something. But then again, I am sort of paranoid.

    • I know for a fact that she hates being in a bad vibe, she always love to laugh and when she does she usually looks at me when she does, even though we are with a group of friends.

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