Girls 18-24, if a guy is bad texter but good at face to face conversations etc would you date him? What if he asked you out without texting much?

I hate texting, I'm very good at face to face conversations and always officially ask a girl out in person. However when I text it gets boring real fast, I just don't have any real link like I do face to face and can't gauge if she's interested or not and I rarely text anyway for those reasons. So my friends often say I ask out girls without texting them enough even if we do talk in class etc, girls is this a big deal to you?


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  • its great that you're a good conversationalist but the only thing with that is that i would be getting mixed signals and it would be hard to gauge how interested you actually are but if you're great in person then it shouldn't be that big of a deal tbh, mayb a bit annoying - but that's just my opinion


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