Girls 18-24, would it turn you off if a guy you were talking to who was early 20's admitted he never had a real girlfriend before? (Read description)?

I'm 21 and I've never even kissed a girl, now first off I admit I have high standards on a girls body and mind as well as her heart and that is part of it, however I grew up in a small town with very few options, I got close a couple times but things came up or they turned away etc I'm very social most everyone likes me and I'm one of the outspoken kind. I even went with the high school beauty queen to prom, I say that not to brag but to show I'm not some basement dweller asking this, through unfortunate circumstances and events I have thus far been alone. I've had opportunities with girls who were plain I turned down and girls who were gorgeous but they didn't want something real which I turned down.

anyway I'm starting university next year and just figure when I do find a girl who is attractive enough and has a good heart that she may be turned off by my inexperience, again I can talk and entertain I love socializing but actual skills on flirting or being with someone I can't say yet, girls would this bug you?
  • It would honestly put me off a little bit, that age and never having been with someone
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  • It would put me off a lot, I would think something is wrong with him
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  • It wouldn't bug me at all, if I liked him it would be fine
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  • I actually think it'd be cute to be his first real girlfriend so no problem here
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  • it wouldn't bug me at all. and I would be kinda flattered if I was your first real girlfriend because you have standards


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