I don't have any dating experience. I'm in my late thirties I don't know how to flirt and I'm nervous around woman. Is it too late to fall in love?

I've had a rough unlucky start in life. I'm not happy and I can't be alone all the time anymore.


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  • start by becoming comfortable around lots of attractive women in a social situation. Use your imagination and find a way to do this, maybe you need to take a dance class or join a coed slow pitch team or hiking club etc... What ever would fit you best, choose that then make your only goal to have fun and get better at socializing with women. Expect it to take time and expect to make mistakes, don't give up.

    • oh also, constantly work to make your focus on what you "can do proactively" not what problems there are or whatever, do this until it's no longer a choice and is natural.

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    • Yes... Might have to see a psychologist.

    • Yes! go see a therapist! My sister did and it changed her life.

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  • It's never too late to fall in love.


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