Does this guy like me and want to date me? Please help me?

We talk mostly everyday, since three and half months ago. He stares, gets jealous of my guy friends, gives home often, we went out once all day after work (we work in same job) we flirt n send pics on text, we saw a movie at my house and made out. I invited him to eat and he agreed. He's coming to my house again & he agreed. He hugs me after each ride. He doesn't flirt in person only text but in person just winked once, smiles a lot with his eyes when looking at me in the car, he'll look at me a certain way in the car sometimes while I'm talking, he's touched my hand a few times but not anymore. just hugs or kissing in my place. we r close and talk about anything, now he's starting to say my name a lot or talk to me with his friends & mention me in their convo. He hasn't asked me out. Maybe it will take time or be soon. I have never dated any advice on this? He's not shy either he's talkative. he dreamt about me too us kissing, he flirted in text but wen I mentioned it in person he looked down, we we have gone out we don't flirt or touch in public, just hugs n he will look down. but we r closer now than before, i just saw him last week now he's coming to my place in a few days, he gives me rides home like nothing even tho I live farther than him, ik he wants to kiss me too and at home no one can bother us ;) I don't understand how he still talks to me after all these months but we r cofmetable now of awkard cuz we both won't know wut to say n act weird, last time we went out to eat he got nervous wen he saw me cuz I looked nicer than I usually do, his hugs r kind of getting stronger too/more emotion I can feel it


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  • Yes he does and he's waiting on you to bring it up


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