Do you believe in "If you don't want me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best."?

So I showed this girl some pics of my D. She liked them. We kept sending pics back and forth until I sent her a pic of my chest. Which she did not like at all. And we pretty much ended ending pics right there. But here's the thing. I've been losing a lot of weight so things are kinda loose. I'm just now starting to work out on building muscle. I've proven I have the dedication to fix my body. And in my head I'm thinking, when I do get my body in shape, will she really be the type of girl I want? Who can't accept me when I'm at my worst? What will happen in the future if I've put so much time into a relationship, only to have the girl walk out when things get bad?

But I also see her point of view. I'm not sexy or good looking. So why would she stick around? And before you even ask, yes I WILL date a big girl if she was serious about losing the weight with me. We can keep each other motivated and give each of us a goal to look forward to. So what do you all think?
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What Girls Said 1

  • hey. I don't think one must get attracted through physical look. because looks can be deceptive. and our look changes by time. what doesn't change is our character and heart. so I think u should find someone who loves your nature, character , attitude etc rather a gal who wants a tight chest. right chest is obviously hot. but not the first priority. good luck friend.


What Guys Said 2

  • She is shallow as fuck, dump her

    • We weren't going out. Just online nude friends I guess. Or something like that.

  • Should have stuck with dic pics I guess...

    • Yeah, I should have. But I also wanted it to end. If there weren't any feelings for me, then what was the point?

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