What does it mean when a guy says this?

So i asked this guy friend of mine ( who has a girlfriend) about their marriage plans. He started flirting with me a lot so i sensed something wasn't right. He replied
Its a very tough question. I like her a lot and so does she but keeping the situation infront of me, i think things will be messed up and nothing like this would be possible. I will be completely broken once and for all. So you know where am i hinting right
What did this mean?
A break up?
Because he never really mentioned anything about breaking up with her.


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  • He was hinting at cheating on his girl with you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • How is it a tough question? All you did was ask about his wedding plans.

    • Hahahah ikr 😂

    • Seems like he's getting cold feet. Avoid men like this.. he's getting married soon yet he's flirting with you? If he can't flirt behind his fiancee back then most likely will do it to you

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  • Yes...


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  • he's not ready to settle down

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