Dd/lg advice for a lost little?

2yrs ago i learned what ddlg was and it enlightened me it felt right its explained who i was and what i wanted it made me feel less weird
5months ago i started dating this guy and that like and he teases me about my sippy cups and stuffies and animal onesie and the fat that i love to wear kitty ears and last month he found one of my pacies that i always put away when he comes over but i left one out by mistake and i could tell by his reaction that he thought i was weird for having it
I try my best to hid my littleness around him and avoid do things that put me in little space
But it kinda sucks having to separate and hid it from him especially since I've always wanted a daddy
But based off how he reacts when i academically slip into little space and how he's not a nurturing caring type
I don't know what to do
I need advice


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  • advice: Grow up, at least a little. people used to HATE labels, and now everyone needs one. "Little Space" I'm all for some RP but your thing would be an instant turn off.

    • It isn't meant to be a turn on especially not for u
      I'm a adult i work to jobs go to college and im rent a house
      I do shit myself i wasn't asking for judgement from vanilla assholes
      Its specifically for other people with my kink or similar thanks fuck off

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    • I haven't been savage. I'm not that mean.

    • Blindness is a weakness. It a loss of one of the 5 senses.

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  • Go on fetlife or other sites and find your self a daddy! Also good luck with finding one ❤

    • I signed up a yr ago only guys that message me are fat old and ugly

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    • I'm on there to its mostly perves and fake daddies there
      Like i have posted about wanting a daddy before
      And most people were like of ill be ur daddy send nudes

    • Ah yeah there can be creeps on there. Ermm I'm not sure what other sites there are. I wish I could help more

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  • Go to a fuckin therapist

    • I go every Thursday he is well aware of my kink we talked about it when i first learned about it he told me to do research on it he's the one that made me confortable with it even buys me stuffies and lets me do arts and crafts during out session he's a great person known him since i was 12
      Also everyone has their kinks dont be a jerk ok

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    • Given by your therapist youve known your whole life? Im sure you will pass. He is encouraging your delusions, doing you, and more importanly the people around you a disservice by allowing your petulance to perpetuate.
      Feel free to put down your sippy cup, take off your snuggie and google a thesaurus to help you translate adult talk

    • Well he doesn't do my phyci exams a whole different therapist does so i stand on being mentally healthy

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  • I guess it's better to break up with him, if you can't be yourself around him.


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