After first date he asks me about my weekend plans, and then tells me his exact schedule + how busy it is but no second date invite?

We had our first date yesterday, no kiss but it was great overall. He texted me right after telling me he enjoyed my company a lot. Next thing I know he asks me whether I have any weekend plans, to which I respond none. Instead of asking me on a second date he tells me his exact schedule and that it's clearly super crowded, but then what's the point in asking me about my weekend plans? Why is he not making any concrete plans with me?


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  • i think he is good intended. and told you this because he would really love to date you again, but can't right now. like he expressed he wants to. so i think its not a big deal. and if you wait a little he will eventually do it :) i once called a girl to invite her after like 4-5 days because i was so busy but also wanted to go out with her so bad that i couldnt wait haha :P and by the way, you can ask him too :P

    • I'm probably just insecure because there was no kiss in the end. I almost always end with a kiss, so not giving one is by definition a bad sign in my eyes. Did you ever really like your date and not kiss her (on the first date)?

    • yes. i really liked. i kissed her at my second date :)

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  • he just explained to you he'll be busy that's why he can't have a second date


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