Kissed her, but?

I went out with this girl. I kissed her. She didn't refused or anything, but she didn't kissed me back. But I also felt she was breathing really heavy. What does it mean and what to do?


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  • If she didn't kiss back she either didn't know what she was doing or doesn't like you. Given the heavy breathing I'd say she's probably very inexperienced and didn't kiss back because she was nervous/had no idea what to do.

    • But why did she let me hold her and didn't pull away?

    • Further proves my point that she's probably inexperienced.

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  • Will you be planing anything more with her? I suggest trying to find out what her thoughts about it were.

    • After that she said we will meet up, because I got something borrowed from her.

    • Then that is your chance in my opinion.

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  • Maybe she did not expect the kiss, and i think it's better to maybe talk to her and ask her how she feels and if you where maybe too hesitant and stuff.
    Some girls feel played and are scared that they are being fooled by the guy, so if you really like her, make sure she feels safe :)

  • Nervous and caught off guard probably. Probably didn't even have time to react if it was a quick kiss. I know I've done this before lol.

    I can't even remember the first kiss with my boyfriend very well and I'm the one that initiated it. I can't remember if he kissed me back or not lol and I have no idea how long it lasted. I just remember him pulling me back towards him for a longer one XD

    Try and find out what she thought though!

  • she probably was just nervous


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