I have a crush on this guy in my class but I don't know if he likes me?

He is in my calculus based physic class and I have a little crush on him. I kinda feel like he likes me but it could just be him being nice.
1. He's my lab partner
2. He acts nervous around me (could just be he is shy though)
3. He calls me girl sometimes
4. He went out of his way to say happy birthday on my birthday

he flaked on me once to study... But I don't know. How do I find out if he likes me without asking? I haven't known him very long and will be in future classes of his so I don't want to ask directly
He also sits behind me and will not talk to other girls in class... Really just me. ?


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  • Well usually if I like a girl, and I see them on a regular basis, I always say hi and ask how they're doing or day is going. That way, I'm showing her that I'm interested in her. Then I try to find out some basic background like major, career plans, etc. I also joke around with girls I've taken an interest in. Usually they at pretty clear indicators. Perhaps try to subtlety let him know you're interested, and eventually he'll probably work up the courage to ask you out.


What Girls Said 1

  • hard to tell. Maybe cus he considered you as friend and more comfortable around you than the others


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