What is his problem? Why won't he open up to me?

Okay so me and my boyfriend have been seeing each other for 4 months. In two days it'll be five months. We used to talk all night long, until 9 am in the morning because that's how much of a connection we had. All of a sudden he snaps because his child's mother holds his kids over his head trying to force him back to Atlanta. Anyways he broke up with me 4 times and we now are slowly patching things back up. But what really bothers me is that he doesn't tell me everything about him, I mean I know a little bit not a lot so that I can be a supportive girlfriend. He even told me while we were arguing that he didn't care for titles. And when I asked him, " what are we?" He says, "I don't know what we are." My question is should I continue dating him or drop him for good? I really like him and I'm in love with him but I feel like he has a barrier against me because he was mortally wounded by his kids mother. I met him mom and she was nice but I haven't met his sister or brother at all. What am I to do here? HELP


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  • Yeah, it's not worth it. I would leave him. He's not opening up to you and if he hasn't by now, he isn't going to.

    I dated a guy who acted in a similar way. We'd break up often, saying he didn't think he could make me happy, he wasn't sure if he was ready for a commitment, etc. I thought it was because he got out of a five year relationship and he needed time to recover and sort of do his thing. I loved him so I was willing to wait. Fast forward two years later he wants to commit and he loves me. I spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with his family, we all exchange gifts. Found out he was cheating on me.

    Seeing as you're in your 30s (I'm almost there) starting over is scary and settling might seem like a reasonable option. Don't. Settling with a guy who doesn't want to openly say you're together is a problem. You won't be happy in the long run.


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  • If I were you I'd leave him. That fact he won't even say what you are with him is a huge red flag. Do yourself a favour and leave him before this goes on any longer.


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