Confused about the situation please help?

A guy in my class who was also my good acquaintance really liked me two years ago and even befriended my friends to get to me as I was shy. I liked him back but my best friend developed a crush on him so I kind of backed out as she sort of told my friends that she liked him before I could confess my liking for him. I got really hurt as it was obvious to me that the guy liked me but I removed myself from the picture out of respect for my best friend and ignored him so my best friend could have him. He stopped talking to my best friend as he was not interested in her and tried to talk to me but things were awkward and he told my best friend that he liked me. My best friend didn't tell me that. Anyways i lost touch and I didn't talk to that guy for 6 months and started seeing someone else. That guy/acquaintance started being friends with the guy I was seeing and used to ask about me. Then my date asked me to marry him after a year of dating and I said yes. That guy/acquaintance learnt this but he didn't unfriend me from Facebook. Now suddenly after 6 months he just unfriended me for no reason although we had no hard feelings. why did he do that?
Really but I was always civil then why the need to remove me


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  • Why wouldn't he do that? I mean, you guys no longer have regular contact. Why do you think he should have kept you there? It would be a lost cause.

  • He lost feelings for you


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