Why is it my boyfriend can have platonic girl mates but no men want to be my friend?

My boyfriend has about 4 main girl best mates and he says he doesn't like them like that etc etc and he messaged them fairly regularly but they all have boyfriends. However when I try and make a guy friend they don't want to be the moment they know I have a boyfriend or they get funny with me if I say I'm not interested? It's really annoying and means I don't have one single male friend. I guess what I don't understand is if all these guys won't have me as a girl mate how come my boyfriend doesn't mind being mates with girls? Is it because he's with me or just a nicer guy?


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  • He could be very sociable and that's how he ended up having these girls as friends but on your end most guys don't want to be a friend of a girl since most want to be dating you


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  • Most men would rather not be friends with an attractive girl because they easily get distracted by her appearance. You should either find a guy who a) doesn't consider you aesthetically appealing, b) is gay and/or c) is in a relationship.


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  • Women seem to like having guy friends a lot more than guys want girl ones. Most of those guys you wanted as friends much rather try to get your pants eventually and can't do that with boyfriend around.

    • So if this is the case then how come my boyfriend has girl mates then?

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    • @Exterminatore he said that when he met them he saw them as nothing more than friends so nothing happened and they've just been mates ever since

    • People say lots of things dear. I'm not saying he's lying, but I'd be skeptical... unless they all weigh 300 pounds and have faces that could stop a Mack truck.

  • Yeah, well I have one girl friend and it's only because I'm biding my time, trying to get with her. She didn't friend zone me, I just haven't made moves yet. Got other goals at the moment that don't include a girlfriend. When I do if she friend zones me, I'll unfriend zone myself. I see no purpose to be only friends with girls, except lesbians, who pretty much are like guys without penises, or to use them as a wingman, which works out surprisingly awesome a lot of times.

    This is why guys don't want to be your bud. Why? You're not going to do most of the guy stuff with him he likes and he's just going to torment himself, because he really just wants to be with you or at least bone you and can't, so he's just got big ole blue balls every time he hangs with you.

  • Cause guys have sexual impulses 24/7 and that kind of relationship is difficult for a lot of guys, especially if they are not single by choice.


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