Is he prioritizing me?

So, I've been dating a guy for about 9 months. Throughout out months of dating we have hardly spent a whole weekend together. We are long distance and live abut 40 minutes apart. He will not give up a Friday night or two during a month to see me because he goes out with his work team, sometimes we only see each other for a few hours a week which sucks. He will ask me to come over to his place or his town for a few hours because he has a sporting event with friends, or he will take me out to dinner on a Sunday night after seeing his friends or family, I can count the number of times on my hand where we spent a whole day or weekend together. It sucks!

I am feeling like an option and not a priority in this relationship. He is a great guy and treats me well except for the above issues. What are your views?


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  • I think you should talk to him about what bothers you. In a relationship, both have to give something. You are the one traveling to him, but he won't and is choosing his family and friends. Sure, its understandable with his family and work, but he should also give some of that up to see you. Long distance is hard to maintain because both parties have to communicate a lot more than a regular relationship. For a healthy relationship, in which I read in a book today, deals with honesty and talking about ones problems, such as jealousy, uneasiness, hatred, anger to their partner and both are to work on it to resolve is together. That's a healthy relationship, and since your both in long distance, that can be hard. The next time you see him face to face, tell him that you feel like an option than an priority in his life. Sure, it may be hard to tell him how you feel, but if you want him to know, tell him and make an agreement. I hope this helps :)

    • It is hard. Especially since he will not give up a Friday night to be with me. We have not spent a whole weekend together and it sucks:(

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